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What is MomsTRI?  MomsTRI is a sprint triathlon designed for all women, with a focus on encouraging first-time triathletes, beginners and “non-athletes”.  MomsTRI is less of a race and more of an experience, an accomplishment, a chance to do something hard, instead of wishing you could do it!

When is MomsTRI?   MomsTRI is November 7, 2020.

What’s a sprint triathlon?  A sprint triathlon includes a 400 meter swim, a 12-mile bike ride and a 3 mile run, in that order.  

What time does the race start and what time should I check-in?  The race starts in the pool at 7:00 am and check-in begins at 5:30 am.  The transition area closes at 6:45.

Where is MomsTRI?  MomsTRI will start and end at the Southwest Valley YMCA in Goodyear, Arizona.  The address is 2919 N Litchfield Rd. Goodyear, AZ 85395

Do you offer refunds or transfers?  MomsTRI is non-refundable. If you registered for our event before the COVID-19 postponement and are unable to participate on November 7th, you can transfer your registration to someone else at no charge prior to June 1, 2020. After June 1st, there will be a $35 fee to transfer your registration to someone else. All transfers must be completed by October 17, 2020. No transfers will be allowed after this date. If you are unable to participate due to a medical issue we can defer your registration to next year with a doctor’s note and a $20 administrative fee. 

What are the age limits for MomsTRI?  Women 12 years and older are welcome to participate.  Women under 18 will need a parent-signed waiver.

Are headphones allowed?  Only during the run.  It’s a safety hazard while riding your bike and your safety is our first priority!

Where is packet pick-up?  Packet pick-up will be at Trek Bicycle Store in Goodyear, AZ. Trek is our Title & Bike Sponsor. Be sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram for information on upcoming clinics hosted by Trek!

What’s a timing chip?  It's a little velcro strap you wear on your ankle throughout the race to track your time in each event.  We recommend you wear it on your left ankle so it doesn't catch on your bike chain.  It's water proof for swimming and we'll collect it from you after you cross the finish line.

What is body marking?  We'll be stamping your bib number on each of your arms and your age on your calf. This helps us identify you during the race since we can't always see your bib. Your age on your calf makes it easy to tell who is in your age group.  Race results will be posted in age brackets as well as in total order of finishing.  Wear your age proudly, this is a day to be proud to be a woman of any age, in any stage of life!

What should I wear?   Whatever you feel comfortable doing all three events in! We recommend trying out what you're going to wear sometime before the event so you're most comfortable during the event.  Triathlon shorts are recommended. Some women wear tri suits but those can be expensive. 

What is a transition?  A transition is the time between each event used to get ready for the next event. In the first transition, you'll be switching from swimming to cycling. This can include toweling off quickly if you want and putting on your cycling shoes (or running shoes if you don't have specific cycling shoes), and your helmet, then grab your bike.  You'll walk your bike through the transition area to the bike mount area and begin your cycling event. After completing the bike course, you'll start the second transition. Dismount your bike and walk it back through the transition area to your rack. Switch shoes if necessary and take your helmet off. Then you're ready to start the run! Please remember you can only enter the transition area through the south opening and exit through the north opening. The timing mats are placed at each opening and will activate the next timed section of your event. If you need to use the porta potties between events, they are located at the north end of the transition area. Be sure to take everything with you for your next event before you exit to use the porta potties so you don't need to return to the transition area.

What is a transition area?  The transition area is where you will set up your bike, towel, shoes and other equipment needed to transition from one event to the next. The transition area will be open at 5:30am on race day to begin setting up and it will close 15 minutes before the event begins at 7:00.  Nobody other than participants is allowed in the transition area at any time. This is strictly enforced for the safety of our participants as well as your fans! There is fencing along the perimeter where your proud spectators can cheer you on during transitions and you can show them, "you've got this"!  When you have finished your event and you are ready to take your gear home, we ask that you still do not bring non-participants into the transition area. It's a big job for us and our volunteers to keep you and your gear safe. Thanks for being understanding if our volunteers need to give you a polite reminder!

How do I set up my bike & gear in the transition area?  There are lots of great articles on the internet about transition set up and even a great video on our Facebook page from our Trek Transition 101 class. Be sure to keep your gear to approximately 18 inches wide so there is room for everyone!

What are the rankings for the swim?  When you check in for the race at packet pickup or in the morning, we'll ask you to rank yourself for the swim. The rankings are as follows:

Expert -under 7 minutes

Advanced 7:00-9:00 minutes

Intermediate 9:00-11:00 minutes

Beginner 11:00-17:00 minutes

Novice 17:00 +minutes

We'll give you a wristband corresponding to your ranking, making it easy to find your group when you line up at the pool.  

What should I bring, what equipment do I need?  When preparing for MomsTRI, think about walking through the stages of each event and what kinds of things you will need. Starting with the swim, you'll need goggles and most people like a swim cap. You'll run from the pool to the transition area to get ready for the bike ride. Some people bring a bucket or an extra towel to sit on while putting shoes on. You'll need your helmet and your bike and whatever shoes you ride in. Any bike will do, bring your beach cruiser, mountain bike, or grandpa's tricycle! After the ride, you'll transition into running shoes and you're set to go! This is a most basic list to get through a triathlon. Consider bringing other items that might make you more comfortable like sunglasses, water bottles for your bike, or anything else you think will help you.  Please remember, headphones are only allowed during the run.  



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